Regulated Market Services

p4Regulated markets have very specific rules. Whether it is a government trying to attract investment, or an organisation wishing to enter into a regulated market, there is a very fine line one must walk on. Proper regulatory and legislative environment is crucial, as it needs to encompass all the peculiarities of a given sector, but on the same time it must be in line with the underlying country legislation and be balanced and fair to the government and stakeholders, so nobody can challenge it, now or in the future.

Especially for developing nations, sourcing the best international investment and expertise is not easy. Often they lack the governmental resources, know-how and in several cases, image, to locate and even make investors / experts be interested without asking for “an arm and a leg” in return.

A properly structured, fair and transparent concession/licensing/procurement process is a key tool to ensure market interest and secure the highest possible returns by the issuing government or entity. On the same token, it can ensure
efficient and smooth control of the concessionaires by the state, a point of grave importance especially when a state asset is licensed to a private entity.

Expanda consultants have the connections, expertise and reputation that allow them access to the highest echelons of the international community. We can assist you develop your case and represent the real story behind the perceptions and misconceptions that scare investment and experts away and can assist you design proper and fair know how transfer programmes to empower future generations.

By leveraging this specialised experience, Expanda can assist you in all stages of a procurement process, from restructuring the legislation, drafting the regulations, preparing the RFPs and drafting the applicable license/concession contracts, to the evaluation, contractual negotiation, conclusion and compliance monitoring of the parties. We can make the difference for you since Expanda consultants have been involved in some of the most complex procurement processes in the world from both sides of the table; the bidder’s and the issuer’s.

Expanda Regulated Market Services include:

  • Legislation and Regulatory Framework Restructuring
  • International Investment and Expertise Sourcing
  • Know-How transfer
  • Complete Concession, Licensing and Procurement Processes