Organisational Support

p3Sometimes the solution to a complex problem is so simple that surprises us. Often one cannot see the solution because one is part of the problem. Many companies face this problem, especially when they transit from one stage of growth to the next. For example a family company, grown big due to a major deal, is not automatically a multinational. Unless an organisation properly adapts to its growth, it will inevitably collapse.

On another note, when setting up a shop in a foreign land, especially one with a very different culture than the organisation is used to, the selection of the proper top management is not an easy task. This is equally applicable in highly specialised sectors where expert top management are hard to come by.

In the former situation ex-patriot or non-sector specific top management face significant challenges. When the two factors combine, the task becomes cumbersome. Expanda consultants have been seasoned top executives having set-up and ran companies across five continents, sometimes in very challenging sectors or regions.

Using this proven experience Expanda can review your organisational and operational process and assist you re-design it in a manner that will sustain and maintain your growth and desired level being. We can further support you in managing the transition and running your newly designed day to day operations until such time you will feel self-sufficient.

Expanda Organisational Support Services include:

  • Business and Sector Analysis
  • Organisational Restructuring & Support
  • Top Management Support & Shadow Management
  • Outsourced Management Services