Marketing and Brand Building

p2When it comes to brand Identity and Communication, we believe that effective solutions start with thorough strategic thinking and understanding. Then, combined with creative thinking and ideas, the most effective solutions which bring a brand to life for all key audiences can be articulated.

This is achieved through specialised branding services based on our in-depth experience in research, business and brand planning and consultancy. We analyse, position, create and manage corporate and consumer brands based on business understanding, strategic insight and creative foresight.

In order to arrive at an executable strategy, we lead a tailored process aimed at strong creative delivery, by co-operating with talented people in different principles, including business analysts, strategists creative directors and designers.

Expanda marketing and Brand Building services include:

  • Brand business review (past performance business assessment)
  • Analytics (business environment, key competitors, codes, cues, trends in the category / market, innovations)
  • Positioning (insights, ethnographic observation, building on what you & we know already, strategic platform)
  • Naming
  • Brand architecture (corporate brand, sub-brands)
  • New product development

  • Visual Identity & design (optical codes, cues, brand voice)
  • Key messages and messaging strategy
  • Digital services design (digital strategy, content strategy, social media strategy, information architecture)
  • Branded environments